Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sitecore MVP Summit Day 2

After breakfast Pieter Brinkmanstarted the conference off with a welcome.

Next was the Keynote featuring Michael and Lars.

An introduction to Who's Who at Sitecore

Out the front of the hotel waiting for the bus for an amazing boat tour on the Venetian Lady

The Venetian Lady was beautiful.

 A Stellar view of the city from the top deck of the Venetian Lady

Roll your own cigars :)

Really good Rum

On the beach preparing for the group photo
 Look at that beach
A conference could not be complete without some John West meme :) 

Everyone I spoke to had an amazing time, thanks Pieter and Marissa for organizing a stellar event.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sitecore MVP Summit 2013 - Day 1

Last night was an amazing reception, Pieter and Marissa provided a warm welcome and some amazing shwag.

I immediately put the mobile card holder on my phone and made use of it a lot at the MVP Reception at the James Royal Palm.

We were greeted by strong winds and rains but the friendly staff were on hand with large umbrellas to welcome us in. 

The area has some nice buildings

On Lincoln Road, we found a really good burger place

I got to meet all the Sitecore MVPs from Japan.

The Sitecore Pillow was on hand and brought some of his relatives.  I would love provide a home for one of the to Three Point Turn in Toronto Canada.

Thanks Pieter and Marissa for an amazing first day.  I look forward to breakfast, the presentations today and the evening on the Venetian Lady.  I will post again about this on Day 2.

Friday, November 1, 2013

jQuery not firing after Microsoft AJAX Update Panel Postback - or why pageload is better than document.ready

I ran into an interesting issue today while using jQuery in an AJAX Panel.  It appears that existing items that were there on original page load were triggering but any new ones after an ajax postback were not.  I did some searching and came across the issue.

It appears that document ready and pageload are not the same  document.ready only loads once when the page is loaded but not on all the AJAX page loads.  The solution is to use function pageLoad() and do your calls within there.

However, this leads to another problem.  If you simply use function pageLoad() then you can only call it once on your page.  There is a solution to this as well.  This article explains how to make ASP.NET AJAX Multiple pageload functions possible through simply using

<script type="text/javascript">

    Sys.Application.add_load(function () {
     // Your Code here


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