Thursday, October 2, 2014

Why does position of p tag determine if edit frame will let me edit text in page editor

Ok so if I do this page editor will NOT let me edit the field:

<sc:EditFrame ID="contentEditFrame" runat="server"><p><sc:Text ID="content" runat="server" Field="Document_Content"></sc:Text></p></sc:EditFrame>

If I do this it works:
<p><sc:EditFrame ID="contentEditFrame" runat="server"><sc:Text ID="content" runat="server" Field="Document_Content"></sc:Text></sc:EditFrame></p>

curve ball, this works: 

        <sc:EditFrame ID="titleEditFrame" runat="server"><h1><sc:Text ID="title" runat="server" Field="Document_Title"></sc:Text></h1></sc:EditFrame><br />

so page editor why does the position of a p tag within editframe matter but not the h1 tag?

Can anyone explain?  At least now if your page editor does not work you can check this scenario.

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