Saturday, June 18, 2016

Start The Ignition ... Sitecore Ignition

It is officially out there in beta and I have been dying to talk about it.  My goal for many years has been to reduce the number of rescue projects and strengthen the community through mentoring on best practices and the best tools to get started right.  I have been working on a whitepaper (coming soon) that will assist you in picking the best accelerator for your needs.

At SUGCON last year, I spoke to may regarding the whitepaper and the mysterious 4th accelerator. It haunted me like the 10th insight in the Celestine Prophesy did.  I had to find it.  Eventually I found it and I was so impressed, I became a part of it.

Ignition is the spark that empowers you to own the Sitecore experience. In the Beginning Sitecore was released and it was good.  Then ORMs like Glass Mapper were released and it was better.  Now we are at the dawn of a new era ... Sitecore Ignition.

I am very excited about the release of Ignition. With the growing number of rescue projects, this framework fills a much needed role of helping people new to Sitecore or people starting new projects to get started right.

Start the Ignition!!!