Essential Social Media

Over the years we have collected a list of many great blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other great sources to connect in the community.  If we are missing any great ones email us and let us know and we will add them. Our contact info is at the top right.




  • SitecoreGuild - Chris Williams' Co-Founder of TechGuilds Twitter
  • Mike Reynolds - The Famous Mike Reynolds. If he cant solve your problem then he knows who can :)
  • Nick Wesselman - CTO of ActiveCommerce, Creator of Weblog, all around awsome guy
  • John West - He wrote the book on Sitecore, and the blogs. Odds are if you have a problem he has already written about it and a solution.
  • Alex Shyba - He knows the inner workings of Sitecore. Either he wrote that line of code in Sitecore or he knows the person who did and when.
  • Sitcore Experienced - Looking forward to first Sitecore Video Podcast


Google Hangout


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