Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sitecore and Document Oriented Databases

I recently came across this article on Making Sitecore faster with MongoDB. I tried it out on one of or development servers and for text based content items it worked fine for me. I am having issues when I try to upload a Media Library image but that may just be configuration. If you have run into this or have any ideas why it is not uploading, please email me or comment on this post for what I am doing wrong.

Trying this out started me thinking about MongoDB vs other document oriented database.
According to this article on Initial Thoughts on Ravendb. Rumor has it that Sitecore 7.0 will support RavenDB.

Has anyone been playing with RavenDB and Sitecore?

Someone recently tweeted an article on massive. Does anyone have any more information on it.

If you have any tips, tricks or resources that regarding Sitecore and Document Oriented Databases please comment on this post or email

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  1. I actually haven't tried working with media items in my MongoDB provider. Does it work if you use file based media?

    I might be able to support media by using GridFS ( Will try when I have some time.