Saturday, October 5, 2013

Quickstart: creating a sitecore package

Although the preferred method for deployment is through Hedgehog, sometimes it it necessary to build a sitecore package to deploy or share your sitecore modules.   If you are deploying a build and You will want to split your packages up to avoid reference issues.  I tend to seperate them into 4 packages: data templates, media library, sublayouts/layouts and content tree.

Note: if you run into conflict issues you may have to break the content package into pages and content then deploy content package before pages.

If you are building a package for a module then you will be including everything in one package.  This would include dll and other physical files.  If you are including config changes always include them in an includes config and dont overwrite the existing config.


1 open the browser and navigate to the sitecore admin

2 ensure you click options to and select desktop

3 enter your username and password and login

4 click on the Sitecore menu and click on developer tools

5 click on package designer

6 click on new to create a new package

7 give the package a name

8 save the package

9 enter a name to save the package xml

10 in the menu select static items to add items to your package.

NOTE: although tempting avoid using dynamic packages as you may unintentionally miss content items needed or include more items than you need.

11. Click on the item you need and if necessary choose add subitems.

12 if there are more items in the group add them the same way.

12 click next and enter a name for the items.

13 save the package

14 generate the package

15 once generated click on the globe to download it

When you are ready to deploy the package check out the quickstart on how to install a package using Sitecore ROCKS or how to install a package if Rocks is not installed.

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