Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cassette Bundles not loading when Previewing pages in Sitecore

As you are aware Cassette is an awesome tool to bundle your css and javascripts etc so you can swap it out. However if you are previewing pages that are using Cassette you may notice that some of the calls return blank.

A fellow blog poster has discovered this issue and the solution. You can check out the article Sitecore JavaScript Compression Minification and Less Compilation.  This same blogger has also written this article on Using Cassette bundles with Sitecore MVC

Andrew Davey has submitted the changes to his branch.  You will need to do a get on this branch and then recompile.

Andrew Davey's Cassette Branch

If you are trying to recompile Cassette and get reference errors regarding Iesi.Collection use Nuget Console and it will prompt to restore packages.  After this you will then be able to rebuild.

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