Friday, July 28, 2017

Introducing the Sitecore Commerce Mentoring Guild

There are a lot of us learning Sitecore Commerce and we are all at various stages.  The core thing we share is we are all learning it.  To help us all get ramped up on it quickly and efficiently, Eric Stafford and I have established a Sitecore Commerce Mentoring Guild Page and a Sitecore Commerce Mentoring Guild Group.

The page will feature some notes, posts, and events where we can share public information.  The group allows us a place to ask each other questions, provide some info on what we are working on, where we are struggling and things we can use to help.

As more people join and we gain more momentum, I would love to have a github where we could share snippets, powershells, and more advanced stuff together on it.

Eric and I have created the initial spark.  We look forward to the community creating the fire that will push us with much force into the new era.

Also if you are on Sitecore Slack then please add the #ecommerce channel.

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