Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Software is eating the mall? It is happening now. Are you ready for it?

Mall traffic has been dropping.  This has been especially noticeable during the Pre-Holiday Season.  The volume of Black Friday and Cyber Mondays have been constant.  I am still getting Cyber Monday newsletters and its April.

The latest article on Tech Crunch describes this in more detail.

Software is eating the Mall

The divide is growing between stores that have online presence and e-commerce and those who do not.  It is not as complex as it seems.

Sitecore and Active Commerce are a great way to build a flexible yet simple solution especially if you are a large business needing integration with back end systems for inventory control and online purchasing.

Small business needing a presence on a budget can implement simple solutions using open-source or more affordable CMS solutions with PayPal Integration.

Finding the right partner can make all the difference.

Contact me at chris.williams@threepointturn.com for more information.

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